Thursday, March 21, 2019

When we 'don't like' a person - it is their BEHAVIOUR we don't like.

One way is to LIKE or 
Another way is to 'NOT LIKE' 
another person.

I think that is a way of life for most people.
If we don’t 'like’ 
we distance ourselves.
Spend time with those we LIKE.

Really - it is the persons BEHAVIOUR 
we don’t like.

There is another way.
We can see beautiful.
We can see the behaviour 
but we can’t see the persons journey.

We can see beautiful.
We can see beyond the behaviour.
We can feel the same feelings = NOT LIKE
BUT we can 
walk through them - 
see through them - 
YES - see through our own feelings.
SEE with the heart.

If we wish to contribute to life.
Be in helping relationships
not just TAKING relationships
we can see beautiful.
We can draw out the beautiful in another.
We can accept the person because of their beautiful core - 
not because of their ugly behaviour.

The change needs to happen in our interior first.
Belief - hope - faith - vision - values
change behaviour.
We can learn this stuff.
Like eating healthy food!
We can train our taste buds.
We can change our LIKE buds
through vision and practice.

See beautiful
- yes in yourself
- yes in others beyond 
what we see superficially.

Make L O V E

You are beautiful.