Sunday, March 17, 2019

Will you take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill ?

I wonder if you are in stretch?
Do you choose stretch?
Or do you choose comfortable?
Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable.

I know sometime
we need to choose comfortable.
Rest awhile

I always remember doing the red pill blue pill thing 
with a group of beautiful humans who were unemployed, 
with stress fractures of the soul.
Some alcoholics, mental health issues, chemical influences, background of rejection/neglect  .......... da de da.

Blue Pill = 
comfortable, no risks, safe, secure, predictable, certainty ...........
Red Pill = 
uncomfortable, risk, adventure, uncertainty, stretch, hurt, danger ...........

One young woman said to me 
"I want to take the Red Pill Pip. 
But my life is such a mess I must take the Blue Pill".
She reached out to the table in the centre of the group, 
laden with sweets and picked up and ate a Blue Smartie .........

I understood. 
I understand. 
I loved her in it and she knows I do.
She had real bouts of suicidal feelings.
Yet she came to my group.
She wanted to be with others.
Not hiding - wanting.
But she was brave enough to consider Blue or Red.
Brave enough to also decide - make a decision.
So often there is no decision.
Status Quo rules.

Lots to reflect upon myself here at Wilson Mansions.
I need to get stuff out of my soul
I am full-up!
Will do tomorrow when I finish my stretch.

I think of you before I close up my mac laptop.
I wonder how your soul is?
I wonder if you yearn for the Red Pill - 
getting out of your comfort zones?
I wonder if you you are yearning for an opportunity to be offered a Blue Pill?
I wonder if you place yourself in a place to decide?
Whatever you decide, you are beautiful.
Whatever you decide - 
choose life …….