Tuesday, March 26, 2019

When I was 21 I was working in a factory. I had been an apprentice Mechanical Engineer..................

When I was 21 I was working in a factory.
I had been an apprentice Mechanical Engineer.
At 21 I became 'certified' - 
having completing my apprenticeship.
I moved on to a full wage alongside all others.
£6.00 a week.

I made big locomotives.
Big diesel driven engines to pull heavy cargo around India & the far east.
Well - I made metal, stainless steel & brass 'parts' for these locomotives on lathes - to strict specifications.

Before I was 21 I played Rugby League for years for several amateur clubs.
I loved it.
I had been previously playing the game in my local park from 5 years old!
Part of my culture like Lancashire Hotpot !!

When I went to work in this factory they had a big sport ground & clubhouse & a strange style of Rugby Teams.
'Rugby Union' it was called.
I believe it still exists?

They had eight teams who played every week.
I played in the second team. Hooker.

Before I was 21 I used to swear like all the men.
We called it 'PIT Language' - 
(I lived in a coal mining area)
It was just the same as factory language.

When I was 21 
I decided not to swear like everyone else.
I used the F word and all the others.
I stopped and I am still 'stopped'.
In fact I hate that sort of language which is
so so present on social media platforms.

I have spent all my life surrounded by 'normal' 
swearing humans.
I have loved then.
I still do.
But not their language.
But not their behaviour in many cases.
BUT love comes first !

I hope you agree that I don't swear - 
(just in case you may have words I use that you consider foul or dirty?)

I don't want to offend anyone
BUT I can cope with anyone who thinks I am not a 
'real man' because I don't 'f and jeff'   !!

Just a factory story
A wash your mouth out Wilson story !!