Monday, October 27, 2003

Doing a training course for a Child ~Care team today. Know next to nothing about 'wee human' development so I will be concentrating on the development of the grown ups.
Team building and how to make love.

There is so little emphasis around on how to be 'Peace lovers' instead of 'Peace makers.'
There is so little emphasis on becoming, not only 'lovers of love' but,' love makers' .............. not just takers.
Makers is better than takers it seems to me.

At the beginning of the week I wonder what life will bring.
Had all sorts of dreams last night away from home.
Not bad ones but the sort that puzzle and I would rather not have..... in that they shake the sleep patterns.

I will be working with humans all week and do not know what to do.
The spirit must lead.

England played rubbish today.
West ham going nowhere.
Man u will still do well.
Rugby league ashes coming up to please and get away from mauls.
Why do people have to take drugs?
Why do we have a boozehype culture and make it great to be drugged in booze?
IDS still not gone.
What can you and I do about the African Aids crisis?

Was thinking about the trees and the beautiful colours at the moment. Why can't they stay like that instead of going naked, sharp, boney, lifeless .........
.........but then I thought it is because there is spring to come and new life.
So methinks that is like real life, human life. We will have our human autumn and winter and then .................... spring will come ........ designer life!!
Designer 'new life' ................... for old.
Lets get some-a-that-eh?