Friday, October 03, 2003

my team lost tonight
worse ...... it was against the pie eaters!
that is us finished for the season
just look fwd to three last playoff games before the season ends

been off line whilst conferencing.
been busy doing stuff there. Firstly a starter for the whole conference .....about 60+ .....lasting an hour. Great .... I thought.

Then there was a workshop with 12. Fantastic experience, and I led it experientially. Powerful it was. I was fulfilled in it and got deep feedback verbally and on paper. It is really good to work with people who are prepared to take risks for their own development, including giving to others at the same time.

The objective was to create an experience so we could firstly connect at the feeling level. Then, from that common/shared experience launch into a process of awareness raising and some skills for life management.

At the end, we had bonded so well, we didn't want to leave that room and each other. hmmm

Wedding anniversary today and 40th, same day, next year.

I feel beautiful.
Beautiful week.
Ugly rugby result.