Saturday, October 25, 2003

Doing a level 5 week-end with the group I am one of. We have been meeting together for 23 years or so ..... I will check tomorrow. Maybe 24?

We meet and share and it is great stuff. May sound strange to you but if you have really shared with a group and felt total unconditional love, you will understand. A group of people who have travelled a road apart but coming together for two or three times a year and connecting like we have never been apart. I love these humans. Beautiful. Beautiful imperfection.

So here I am, home from the friends who are just fantastic. I do not feel equal to them because of all that they are. Beautiful.

In the news.
I am not turned on by Concord but more interested in a person who sells confidentiality for profit. There was a biblical character who did this if you recall?
IDS..... can you imagine him managing the pressure Tony Blair has been under over the last few years?
Bono and the pending new album in early 2004 ....... still holds more than a personal faith. It is a faith that has eyes beyond the self. A faith that reaches out to the world

I have emotions as I zzed to bed ..... they are ones of pleasure. Love it love it. This life that is.

I don't know who reads this but ...... thank you for your contribution to my life ....... at a distance or closer ......... stay beautiful