Monday, October 06, 2003

This is a note I left for someone who I work with ..... the wish to leave something to think about. Paper does that. Better than cyber stuff too. You can rip up a peice of paper. You can push it in the back pocket and read again. Paper can affirm. Love even.

Here goes:-

****** the man
I wanted to write something to you because I think that to reread
something can be useful.

You are a great man and I have enjoyed meeting you and getting to know
You have come on in so many ways from the rough times in the past.
It is important to clock that and remind yourself.

Last night was not the right time to talk. It is not good to talk when
under the influence.
I would love to talk proper ..... maybe when I am here next ?
I would be keen to....... but you are the man.

I felt you were a bit ragged last night. A bit down and fragile. We all
get like that in the peak and trough world.
Handling all that with more alcohol is not a good thing it seems to me.
Handling whatever you have on your soul, would be better managed without
the liquid .... Seems to me and what do you think?

Maybe the next step for you is to do that. Handle a an issue without the
Maybe we can talk next week?

All our weaknesses does not mean we are less value. You remain a great

Hope you do not mind me passing on my thoughts which are all to be

See you next week