Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Music is big in my life
my soul
Listening to Annie Lenox by chance not design
She is singing to God who she does not believe in

Just typed a handwritten poem.
Never before have I had a poem written for me
about me
it is deep
shall publish it on Pearls
(Have you seen the Pearls of Wilson page on my website? The colour the design all done by a creative human. Beautiful. See the new designed pages too. The reading list will be updated soon ....... kindly typed by Richard and a fine design by Charlie. Some people think I do it ..... what a laugh. I create games and structured experiences not stuff on computers. I cannot even use word or power-point and am so SO frustrated)
Sorry about the weakness blast.

I love the Sheilas.
Looking forward to Gilles Peterson live from Brighton on Wednesday.
I am rambling so....................

The glory of God is a person fully alive