Monday, October 06, 2003

two thoughts I have had ....... resulting from this week,... no THREE!

1 we are going to Cinderella in London on Boxing Day hey hey
2 I am reading a book about pain
3 Last week I run a course for three hours with 12 beautiful humans and I encouraged them to feel their life and the reality of it.

Cinderella was the only one who knew if the glass slipper really fits and where it really hurts.
We all have our own unique discomforts and pain. The first big step is to clock reality and that is to feel our own frame and how it fits the glass slipper.
Only we can do that. Sometimes we do not 'own' our own pain and we pretend it is not there and, I guess, hope it will go away.

Last week I decided that I would have to take a risk in human communication to help others define reality as they decided. It was so great that they took the risk. Committed to their own development I guess. It was so powerful, the experience is still in my blood stream like a mainline addict ..........I say without direct experience!

It is vital, it seems to me, that we do not run away from our pain or discomfort. We need to meet it and say hello. Examine it and spend time with it and discover ........ understand.

Last week 12 people worked at this with me. I cannot tell you the details even if I could remember such a tale. It was a journey together of individuals and a group, writing their story to the surprise of others and themselves. They were risk takers with their souls and were saying in some deep sense ....... it is not things that happen 'to' me which are important ...... but those that happen 'in' me. These are the things that shape my life, the imagination, passion, colours ..... all these are now writing the story of my life.
Those things that are in my soul are the important.
This is freedom.
From the inside out

Nelson Mandela said "You are free to be free"
Jesus said " I have come that you might have life"
An ancient philosopher said "The glory of God is a person fully alive"

Every time I try on the the glass slipper of real life, it hurts. It is uncomfortable.
But it is my glass slipper. It fits .............

(I will come back with more on this because, as I write, I am bursting with thoughts ......... and I hope you will do too ................. )