Monday, October 27, 2003

Been and done a 2.5 hour training session today for 26 beautiful child care workers.
Team Building.
Bit a fun. Two eggs used for creativity rather than eating hmmmm
Group experiences with exclusion seen and felt.
Awareness of self and others.
A little wee touch on the Level 5 stuff.
Loved the vibe and the team working together. So many on the same team and yet not knowing each other.
We ended with depth. With feeling. The room was still at the end. The feelings written on faces. Feelings of positiveness, Feelings because the surface had been scratched an they were kind enough to let me close to their lives ......... even as a stranger, Thanx you......

The M25
I allowed to get there one hour before and yet the preparation time was fumbling along on the motorway .........munching two pears ................. must lose weight.

Listening to
Amy Winehouse
Terry Hall
Late Junction Radio Three
Gilles Peterson R1
Mica Paris old album called Contribution
Pete Tong on the M25 taped from Friday R1 ..... love it love it