Monday, October 13, 2003

Watched the second episode of 'Hitler' on tape which was broadcast last night. Very powerful, especially at the end. The programme was good methinks but far from entertainment ........ it was not fiction! My soul shudders.

Earlier today I caught some of the London Service in memory of the Bali bomb terrorist attack. I loved how the speaker, Abbot of Appleforth I think, how he referred to God as 'the lover'. I have been doing workshops this summer on 'making love' and all about being a lover like him. He also quoted Bishop Tutu:-
"Love is stronger than death"
Love it.

Our weeks holiday is over and back to work tomorrow. Tell you the truth, I work all the time but when I have work days, I work strategic. The rest of the days I just communicate and respond and be a lover!
Back to real work and then will be in a rare groove all the way until Christmas.

Then got plans to go to the Royal Opera House for Cinderella on Boxing Day ..... ballet stuff I understand.
Then we will rock over the new year ..... away and getting on down.hey hey.

Still disturbed by the Hitler thing ...... and glad I am.
I remember being at a ymca conference in Warsaw and we all visited the site of the ghetto uprising and the slaughter of Jews there. The memorial was devastating.
When we got back to the conference, the leader of the German delegation apologized to the Polish people there ....... and everyone else.
Lord have mercy.

Cannot do much more tonight ...... I will just carry on watching the Osbournes on MTV.