Friday, October 03, 2003

miss my wi -fi link and non moreso than when I am away like this.
Here am I with so many experiences of buzz .... and cannot get on line with my G4 to click keys for you.

I am with staff from all over the four nations and love these people. I belong here.
Wonderful to be able to talk so free free
To get a kiss from someone not seen for a full year
To re-connect with people who we have jawed with so well in the past.
To run a session which I know will help the whole conference to kick start and build quickly on. Cut the crap and get to real things of the soul quickly.

I love people but I do not like everyone. People at the bottom with little to bring to life choices. I love. I drink.
People who are well able to make a choice, but I don't like that style, YES it is the style which gets up my nose in a secret way. If they chose that style ...... I suppose it is the pretense I feel in some people.

That Simon Cowell in 'pop idol'.
Now he is a one. What a false front he shows. No vulnerability and incompleteness on show. A smug front.
I was like that.
Hope I am not like that.
Am I like that?