Tuesday, September 30, 2003

hey ...... thanx for clicking these keys ......... here I am reflecting on the day and of course ahead............ ahead...........

Amongst other things today I have been preparing for the close down of one of my three jobs.
Hand-over meeting tomorrow. Funny it is ending but will be a volunteer to see stuff through and because I believe in it, the money don't count.

In the next few days I am conferencing. That has meant prep time today. One workshop and one opening session for an hour.

I make notes and spend a chunk of time preparing even though it all comes out informal. The notes are under three headings always.
1 context, I think of all the good and bad things which can face a trainer. The can be the physical space, the people, the expectations, hostility, nerves and the notes flow.
2 Objective. Always list everyone. The planned objective but also some 'by-the-way- objectives, bonus stuff. Then I clock the main ones and they go into ......
3 Options. These are the methods. The tools to use. The outcome and the different methods to get there.

After that I plan the start of the gig, the end and then a series of options so I can busk-it to meet the rolling needs of the group. All that is done for the week, but I will still stay up late each night pouring over the notes and fine tuning the thinking and the tone .

So folks ..... that is the prep and I may not be as in-ya-face during the next week coz I am away. Hope to do a daily blog and will let you know how the kingdom is coming on

............. and thanx for your emails which inspire ..... affirm ..... touch the soul ..... pip@pipwilson.com