Wednesday, September 10, 2003

There are people around us in extreme emotional pain and they don't know an emotional doctor.
Like riding a bike we can learn essential emotional skills and then almost forget we have them.
One model of human development, which I like, is like this:-

1 unconsciously incompetent
2 consciously incompetent
3 consciously competent
4 unconsciously competent

think about it............. in driving the car/riding a bike ........ get it?

This can then relate to reading self. Reading others. Seeing their soul. Knowing our own.

Talk about life skills!
These are the big ones.
The stuff which can make life joy* or sorrow.
Beautiful* relationships or relationships which are a weight on our shoulders, resting the sharp end on our soul, .....all these hurting relationships which we carry around with us into every location, relationship, job, interaction........... life !

I am boiling again.
Positive boil.

People have told me deep stuff. Real stuff. As well as being privileged I want to be of some use. Development is not jumping from A to Z ..... it is, in my experience, small steps, small bites of an elephant sandwich.
I tell myself that I am responsible to people not for people.

But then I have people around me who are-going through hell, facing the loss of a dear and unique loved one.
'Riddled with disease' - beautiful ones.
'Going to die' loved and precious ones.
Beautiful lovers with ugly killer 'taking over' growths.

So I pray.....................