Monday, September 15, 2003

I am a bit troubled because I know several people who are suffering the loss of their closest. Others are in tough times too.
That makes me dwell differently.
It is right to carry that pain.
It is not sharing it really, the pain is full on for them and I do not take any away from them.
But I believe.............................
this helps........What will be left of us when we´ve left?
When we´re gone.
Under, down, into darkness, earth and memory.
Or fired, burnt to shreds, incarnate to incinerate.
When our dust has shaken itself down and reverted to its original state,
and our ashes have snapped out of their delusion,
will their little miraculous interlude have moved history´s rudder?
What will be left of us when we´ve left?
Once the tears are dry on the faces of those we love,
what other trace will we leave?
Will the evidence be compelling?
What will the surviving witnesses say?
How will they know we were here ?
Will someone´s future be better because of what we did in the present?
How many breaths make a life?
How long have we got?
How long does it take to make a difference?
When can I start?
What will history say of us when we´re history too?
What will be left of us when we´ve left?

Sometimes answers to big questions are slick.
I like the idea of questions tonight.