Monday, September 08, 2003

MTV on
my mind is more gripping
done a swot* on myself tonight
need to be on top of who I am
what I am doing
need to be doing the right things
not just responding

One thing since going from one job to three jobs is being less flexible.
I am tied for days and only really have a wee time to see friends and curry with some.
I like to curry my friends.

One of my three jobs ends it's term at the end of September and my swot told me I am not writing as I feel the need to. I do the blogs, but even that failing in the daily aim. But I have not pulled my books together and zilch during the past 5 months and 7 days.

So the rethink as I look at October onwards is interesting an a challenge.
I pray.
The swot comes out of my soul when I scratch it.
Another thing came clear.
I love the group work I do, even though it is a big challenge and leaves me flat after the energy output.
It also feeds my soul and my writing.

Well ...... thats it for tonight. I need to think on ..... what do you need to do ...... you can always email me you know!!

* a swot analysis, looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths, a good evaluating method.