Wednesday, September 10, 2003

............ always tired on a Wednesday evening ..... bit zombie like.
Most of my life I have worked morning afternoon and night.
Nowadays I am more balanced.
Hmmm did I say that?
I am still not getting it right after all these years. But ....... Nelson Mandela said:-
"we are free to be free"
To live in a comfort zone is precisely the place where freedom is denied.
In the comfort zone there is no anguish ......precisely because we are comfortable.

I want to grow.
To NOT move forward means I fall off my bike.
I want to live in uncertainty.

Yet I don't want to be like a drunken man in a wagon being pulled by horse which doesn't know where it is going.
I want to chose the life of uncertainty.
I have chosen to live outside my comfort zones.

He who was rich became poor.

God, the lover of the poor, meets us in our poorness