Thursday, September 25, 2003

Taking several persons to bed with me tonight.

Some because I am left buzzing from the great discussions we have had in the past days ......... I always feel I am learning so much .... and amazingly it is from the most bruised humans.

Some because it is people who have crumbled, not coped with staying stable, but slipping back into a big oppressive hole. A hole which was dug by people who have failed to love them or who have been unable to love them. I feel there is so much damage done by parents who have so few skills to bring to being a positive Mother or Father.

All in all I feel good-ish .... not dragged down by so much pain...... unbearable.

I am reading a book about 'pain' and it is mind expanding.

Last thing, I have just got a little gadget for my ipod. Just as big as a forefinger, but half as long. It fits on the ipod and then, with a dinky remote control, I can operate it from the other side of any room and leave it plugged into any sort of stereo ...... 10000 watts or my simple week-end bag mobile speakers.

rock chick me!

....... and .......sorry about the joke!

I am off to bed zzzzzzzzzzzz