Sunday, September 21, 2003

week end hmmmmm
Was not on the best of form with restless nights and tablets helping to fight some invaders into my thick frame ........... beautiful to be aware and would love to do it again in a 'well' vibe.

Read a book about 'pain' ......... part read ......... just part of my journey to understand life and death.

Two funerals tomorrow which are significant in my life and I will be at one.
Have read that thing about the world being made up of 100 people ..... sort of averaging things ....... one line is "one person would be near death and one would be near birth" ........ and one would have access to a computer...... will post it on 'pearls' on my website because it stretches the mind.

I have had a few, just a wee few, emails from humans who have read my blogs and even passed on appreciation.
Thanx to you who have said and you who have not ............ I suppose if you join me in the touching of finger tips on your keys ...... I suppose we are journeying together eh?
I count that as special.

My team are in the big playoffs on Friday coming and the signs do not look good.
My beautiful Ann daughter has a birthday this week. Love her.

This week-end I am missing my annual visit to Bulgaria ..... have been going since 1991. Part of the mission to support the former eastern european ymcas who have a tough time beyond imagination. I will post a link to something I wrote about Bulgaria ...... these people are joined to my soul.

Stay beautiful
you are special