Thursday, September 18, 2003

Tuesday and yesterday was work with people
last night 'recovery' with Joan and sausage and mash with wine
Today prep for work with people and then out till late
Friday work with CSD which is ymca England stuff
posh name "christian and spiritual development officer"
never been an officer since I left the boys' brigade
I leave this work in two weeks at the end of the 6 months contract
It has rushed by

Dr Kelly did a bad thing going to the press
not loyal to the employer
He is dead so not many people saying any straight words about this
Andrew Gilligan is the spin
Every day journalists start with an empty p.c. screen and start to spin words before popping to the pub for the pint of gossip.
Everyday the Government try to run the country, like I try to do my work, often stumbling. Thank you God that I don't have the National Press-spinners around me as I fail.

I feel ok today. Always in stretch because I don't know the issues facing me today. The hurt. The damaged. The confused.
Feel ok
"I'm ok - you're ok"

'why am I afraid to tell you who I am'
by John Powell
recommended book

see you later today, tonight..................................