Sunday, September 21, 2003

Phil had his fare well tonight from Romford YMCA, my siritual home for 18 years .......I could not be there but the message I was asked for is here:-

Phil Martin are beautiful!

I can see the gentle embarrassed smile now as I write this.
Sorry about the embarrassment.

I'm sorry I cannot be with you for you farewell. This is a fumbling expression of appreciation.

I remember getting that phone call from you as a keen applicant for the job coming up at this ymca.
And me having to say "hold your horses, the interview is planned and you will get the details"
I thought, as a put the phone down, "stink ! ....... he is keen"

I later found out that your faith in God and your commitment to seeking out that life journey of stretch and satisfaction, was pulling you to Romford ymca.
I know that is still your desire and that is why you journey on, reaching out as you journey, to keep contact with the God you serve.

Now with your own beautiful family you leave this large family of Romford ymca, to get fully immersed in another faith community in Brentwood.

You have always been a rock.
You have always been solid and consistent.
You have always stretched yourself to give to other.
You have always been a friend to so many.
You have always been organized and delivered the goods.
You have always stepped outside your comfort zones where growth is.
You have always told really bad jokes!

I have often been jealous of your skills, abilities and gifts.
I still am.
I have learned much from you over the years.
I will also appreciate you forever as will all the people who have worked with you over these years.
I wish you well for the full future before you.

Thank you for all you did and ARE.
Thank you.

and a quote:-

"only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go'
t.s. eliot

thank you for taking that risk with us all

pip wilson bhp