Tuesday, September 09, 2003

.......well ............. Monday and a meeting with others to enhance the betterment of work with those who are homeless are feeling hopeless.
How do you best know how to facilitate the freedom of a whole range of people with different needs.
Just do it. And stop and evaluate and then just do it. The doing brings humans together and we all learn.

Greenbelt top meeting tonight ...... the first since the major festival which people are still raving about. Everyone just wants the next festival but us on the organizational side look at the glory but also the issues and how to reduce the negatives and hype the positive ....... and will we get a further major influx of people again this year? How do we plan and how do we budget.
But the vision is strong and the people in leadership are beautiful.

God a lover of the poor and the same God is a lover of the poorness in us.
That creators strength is in our stumbling and unfinishedness, incompleteness.

Tonight I pray for Archie, Martin John and all their family, and for Donna and Andy ............ you may not know the beautiful humans behind these names but a prayer from you will be special both in heaven and on earth.

What profit do we make if we lose our soul ......... that soul within is like an acorn which has the potential of an Oak Tree.
If we sell our soul to the things which don't hit the road to potential .......what does it profit ................

Love is a doing word