Friday, September 26, 2003

The Saints
My team won tonight and did know it was going to be tough.
Broncos are tough and we had to play well ........ reasonably.
Next week the next do or die playoff.

Today has been trying to find the closure of my National ymca 'csd' job. I am trying to ensure I hand over well and then I will still be in there but it will be as a volunteer.

So a work a day doing my indoor stuff and catching up all the time with recorded music and my dj pete tong. Love it.

This week-end I have two good social gigs to enjoy and I must spoil all the pleasure by trying to sort out all the unpacked bags I have since I left Romford ymca some six months ago. Then I have about 500 videos which Joan is convinced need to go in the bin ...... and me ...... there is some unique stuff there, like life recorded which will be lost to eternity if I don't keep them. Decision day looms.

So I will refresh this w/e so I am fit for stretch in the future and ....... ....... both.