Friday, September 26, 2003

Working with people who have met stress, depression and forms of mental illness, it is good to be .......... discussing Frank Bruno.
What is he famous for?
What is he infamous for?

These questions have brought out a range of observations which have come from the gut, not just the head.

We go on to warmly, with affirmation, to speculate about the benefits he may have from the bad experience ...... how it can have a positive outcome. That triggers all sorts of debate. Personal experience of a mental hospital and the drug controlled climate, plus the only added benefit of a smoke filled tv room.

Then a lead in to talk about detox, a withdrawal from dependancy on alcohol or drugs. Individuals spilling their soul about 20 years addiction to hard stuff. Great now just to see them struggle with being alcoholic not addicts of the killer chemicals.

You like me have had periods of emotional pressure. maybe depression. Breakdown or on the verge. We all have ability and disability .......... even though we try hard to hide the ugly bits eh?

Imagine what it is like without having a loving framework of family or friends.
I love these humans who I cannot name for confidentiality sake. The damage is in their faces now as I picture them. Beyond the hurt and scars there is a beautiful person, still articulate, maybe slurred, maybe ugly to your eye. I soak it and feel blessed as I struggle to understand and , non oppressively, help.

It seems to me that we can never really meet as humans unless we meet at the point of commonly grounded hurt. Never, we will never truly meet when we share only our best qualities, and success.

I am at the end of another day and the tv is mtv tuned. Radio recording another dance music channel, ipod charging and downloading the 6 new cds from Hungary ...... Sting is on tv ..... looking older!
I was pleased this week when someone guessed my age was 50!!

So ....... I take one deep slow intake of breath ........ and breath out slow .... the new comes into my soul and the waste is expelled ............ breathe on me breath of God ......... fill me with life brand new ........