Friday, October 17, 2003

It was dark outside when I woke. I was thinking about every person I work with and alongside without me wanting to.
I would have slipped out of bed quietly only it was cold.
One leg pushed out from under the duvet convinced me to linger and continue my unwanted head spin. Not worried thoughts. Just replaying scenarios and taking them on a leap or two.

Then the front door rings and me in my dressing gown tripping down the stairs is not my favorite early start. Well, early may be an exaggeration because it was little Robert from next-door-but-one all dressed up for school. Great little fella. Wanting me to sponsor him. Hmm. He convinced me it could not wait till later so ................ sponsor I did and that means a late night and an early morning 'in the mix'.

So 'late junction' plays on the laptop as I click keys.
Buzzing from people work. Still in my head and heart.