Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Feeling a failure.
A great group we had which, with a struggle, I managed to keep on track.
Just as the whole group was blending and opening, someone came in and took over the whole group. mainly because of great need, which blocked out any sense of listening or considering others. There was no malice. It was howling need.
I feel for the humans there who had started to self disclose and, through no fault of their own - or mine, they were left high and dry. Interrupted. Stifled.
I want and will apologize to them.

This is the first time I have ended a group without an end, without some natural conclusion.

Doing open group work means that anyone can come and go at any time. That is good for those that slip in and hang around the edges for a few sessions and then decide to really join in. Never have I held a group where all the group come at the beginning and stay until the end.

Thinking late night- I cannot think of anything I could have done better.
My faith always refers it on to a great counsellor . Someone who works out-of-hours when the group has finished and the participants have gone to some nightmare - ish sleep. Someone who loves beyond human love.

I cannot tell you of the pain shared.
Lord have mercy.