Sunday, October 12, 2003

Well ...... how is life with you today ....... me........ delighted to hear from some humans who I didn't expect .........

Moira-mo used to work with me some 15 years ago, just a guess, she was a 'Time for God' volunteer and had the mishap of becoming my assistant doing wondrous things ............. she was brilliant, a perfect balance for me with brains and a different style than me ..... chalk and cheesie!
She made e contact out of the blue and caught me up on things ...... now we are back connected ........ life is exciting.

And then Joy did the cyber thing and contacted me from the US ...... love the level five communication at a distance and she is good at it.

And then ....... I get invited to do some gigs of the training/road less travelled/life management kind and I am chuffed.

It is amazing that, once humans have connected at level five, you can lock into one another very quickly even after years of gap ..... and I love it.

In a couple of weeks we will be coming together with our 'Level five group' which has been coming together for twenty three or four years. We meet two or three times a year and just 'level' with one another. It is a joy to just come together and 'be' in such a climate of trust. We all just share our souls. If you have not done that with a person or group, wow it is a loss.

From a human being, correction, a human 'becoming', I say goodnight.