Friday, November 21, 2003

Istanbul ........what a terrible disaster it was yesterday.
I feel so sad for the shocked and blasted to disfigurement Turkish people .....and British.
I want to share their pain feel it. I do not want it to be yet another news item.
In a ymca yesterday all the talk was about Michael Jackson. The pop world is more significant to tabloid readers than a life wrecking bomb in a distant land. They all believe he is guilty and are disgusted in their terms, that he has got away with it for so long. I am disgusted that there are people who don't talk to us but plant a bomb at our feet.

I believe we need to be closer to people who believe and behave differently than us. Only if we cannot be close and life is being destroyed ..... only then do we have to fight to defend. That applies to the violent person in the street or the terrorist group of humans who secretly plan the destroying of others. I cannot connect with fighting. I have been subject to violence all my life by professionally violent and crime making people. I have had a life of stopping fights. I cannot image being the national leader who has to authorize violence against another, person or nation. But I know it has to be done. I am in conflict with myself. It is not revenge feelings. It is more about justice and right-living. I don't want violence and hurt but do we just lie down when the next Hitler pops up to pour evil over our land and face?
Lord have mercy.