Saturday, November 29, 2003

Seems a busy day today and yet feel I have done nowt
(Lancashire accent = nothing)
Do you have days like this sometimes?

Because I now work at home sometimes, these times seem to be strange because I am so used to being with people and planning for all this sorta stuff. That feels like work and I have to do it because I cannot enter into a training session or a group work session unless I have prepared. The delivery is very informal but always takes at least twice as long to prepare.

I am also thinking about the new year because there are decisions I need to make about my life. I need to earn some dosh to live and yet my new life is now focused on playing to my strengths. I don't hear of many people doing the sort of things I do. Maybe people don't know I am available for this stuff because if people came at me ...... it would change my priorities. So ... the thinking is a good thing to do eh?

Also I have not read today.I usually read at least one paragraph from the three books I have going at the mo'.
they are:-
1 group process, group decision,group action
2 awareness
3 creative advances in group work

I, somehow, cannot put my mind to reading fiction other than on my once a year 2 weeks holiday. I feel that could be a weakness.
Now I am thinking ..... and that is about my own wholeness.
I yearn to learn.
.......... and yet I feel the steps are only short ones.

still two shot of happy and one shot of sad !!