Monday, November 24, 2003

Sunday church
a coup
In the middle of the service this morning three Curates strode down the isle and one entered the pulpit just minutes before the Vicar was to preach his prepared scheduled sermon. The Curate then preached.
It was the Vicars' tenth anniversary and yes, it was a surprise, but a friendly one by colleagues from the the years of his service .... and all done with good and beautiful tone. Never seen a coup in a Church before.
It is very much a real issue in todays news in Georgia where I visited once.

Sunday memorial service
Yaconelli was there
This was right to happen. I am glad we did this. Our Greenbelt memorial service was pulled together by a small team of Greenbelt friends and a much larger group taking part including an open mike.
I hand picked two video clips of Yaconelli at Greenbelt. One with Willie introducing a one minute seminar by the big Yac on the subject of 'wasps'. At the same time another seminar speaker was speaking about the brits and Australians .... madness you say ..... . Just a bit of creative fun in tune with the man himself. The other clip was the start of a full length video produced by GB some years ago. Again showing him in full humour-full flow. In-between the vids I bumbled some reflection about my memories of Mike ....... his impact on me and others.
Contributions were gentle and powerful. Many photographic images were projected and we all sent a message home to Karla and we connected with each other and the eternal Father of Mike Yaconelli.
The Greenbelt Festival memorial thingy in August will be ........ it will be more!!

Sunday dinner with big she
toad in the hole.
I love our daughters and while one is trying to film in NYC without showing the full Christmas decorative scene and the Thanksgiving Day build up ...... we had dinner with the other bhp daughter. Beautiful after the roller coaster ride with Yaconelli .......... and a good chat with her man and their friends. Yes ..... toad in the hole with other delights to eat and drink. hmmm.

Sunday end ......... now tired and beautiful.
I feel beautiful but not all the time. I believe you are beautiful but I know you don't feel that all the time ...... maybe none of the time? Sometimes it is tough to connect the head with the human feelings. One video I viewed and did not show today was an interview I did with Mike Y in 1988. The first thing I said him before the interview was ........ "you are a beautiful human person" ........
I believe this stuff.
I do not believe there is a fixed solid little model of a beautiful completed person who lives inside us just wanting to come out. I do believe there is a person within us trying to 'become' (for self and others). We do not want to be a hidden person, but a fully human person who is living authentically 'on show' in real life. We are ever changing and becoming. We are persons becoming and that is a process.

If I am anything as a beautiful human, it is what I
my relationships
and loves

These are things that define a human and they are all 'in process'.
Dare I say, it seems to me you are now a bhp but also 'becoming'.

So, the end of a busy day and I reflect.
Mike Yaconelli had an influence on me .... and today too.
I am not the same person I was this morning.
I must think more about this stuff.
I will.
Thanx for all you offer me....... I stumble for words so I will fold the mactop and stoke the cat and prepare for another day ............
you are beautiful.................................