Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Two shots of happy
one shot of sad
Well I am no longer the Vice Chairman of Greenbelt Festivals..
I have been that for 15/16 years, the longest serving and more than half of Greenbelt history.

The new Vice Chairman is Roy Parker, a conservative evangelical worship leader who often appears at Greenbelt. I have heard him speak at Greenbelt many times. He is always talking about cheeses. He has a very small shrinking 1950's knitted jumper which has seen better days. He is always talking about cheeses. He has done many late show appearances at Greenbelt. The last one was in the 30-30 Show this year. You can guess, he talked about cheeses.

The problem is he gets cheeses mixed up because he always wants to talk to strangers about cheeses. He calls it witnessing for cheeses. He gets his cheeses mixed up with jesus ...... that is the way he speaks.

Behind the superficiality of Roy Parker there is a beautiful human called Andy Turner who is the new V Chairman and a great man he is too. He is a trained youth and community professional and works and lives in Hackney one of the toughest and deprived London Boroughs. He leads an active community organization. It is a pleasure to hand over 'all the vice' to Andy but.............. I would have been worried if it had been Roy Parker!