Saturday, November 01, 2003

I have nicked this off the great man Martyn Joseph, I do his diary every day before I go to zzzzz.
I am certain he wont mind. His site is always worth a visit. His new album sounds just fab.

"Mike Yaconelli    
So sad today to hear of the death of Mike Yaconelli. Mike died in a trajic car accident yesterday in California. He was a regular speaker at Greenbelt and we first worked together around ten years ago. He was a funny, articulate, and a much needed voice of reason for many young people grapling with life and its challenges. He was a friend. As Stewart Henderson said on the phone to me today `Mike was not one we could afford to lose`.

Thoughts are with his lovely wife Karla and their children. Stewart also said `we are here till we go` which whilst simple and honest is also profound in it`s way. Will miss you Mike though i hardly saw you but once a year..i can picture you smoking one of those big fat cigars you like, hope they taste good mate, I will smile with you again..M "