Thursday, November 27, 2003

Wednesday ...... and waiting for Gilles Peterson to appear on my stereo at midnight. I will be taping it and will listen as I travel tomorrow.
Feel more relaxed than when I first arrived home ..... always drained when I give out in intense group work. I admit that I cannot do the hours I used to do ...... now I need to chill a bit more .... and Joan likes that because I have a history of being out a lot. She still likes me after 39 years of wedlock!

Since I last blogged I have had another group work session and it was, as usual, a tough ride into the real stuff ...... my objectives that is.

Do this with me:-
Two doors.
One instant perfection
One gradual growth
Which one will you go through and why?
If you pause and do it, it is experiential ..... if you don't it is just reading!!

Next one:-
Honestly answer this by picking one option out of four
You are on the beach ..... which is you?
1 stand and look around and pose and thats it
2 dip your toe in the water to test the temperature
3 wade into the water slow to get used to the water, then swim
4 Dive right in the water

Decide or this won't work.

Next bit:-

How much is your swimming habits as chosen above reflect on your general attitude to work, or study, or relationships? Do you dive right in or test the temperature first etc?

Decide ?

Interestingly ............ usually the swimming style matches the life style of most people so ............. there you are an experience in self awareness.
If you did it ...... are you with me in the sorta stuff I try to do?

Communication is the only route to communion.

Such is the Kingdom of God .... seems to little me.

A relationship is only as good as it's communication.

with human.

with God

last bit .......I think it is best not to strive to change. To become deeply aware of ourselves right now. The reality.
When we get in touch with our inner functioning and feelings (Level 5 with ourselves) we experience change taking place by itself.
Sort of let go.
Let go, let God.

Gilles is now beating in the room via the radio ..... so ...... must post this ....... liveinwonder