Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I cannot tell you the trauma that these young people have been through at such an early age.
I am talking about 16/17 year olds and some a little older.

I feel sad now as I creep to my bed to blog to you, the unknown you......
I will paste this into the blog-box in the asap and you will, I hope, you will sense my feelings.
There has been real violence and threats of violence for about four/five hours. I have been tense all that time. Now I am in recovery.......... Reminds me of the years working in East London with youth gangs, the uncontrolled violence and even the pleasure from it. I hate it.

yes I feel sad. Reflective. I must reflect when I have feelings......

I have used the blob tree* tonight with a group of bhp's**. It is without a doubt, the most known and used tool from any of my books.
This group session processed like this:-
the usual messing about at the front end
which one is your feelings now? was the question
then the most mashed up human spoke, and said.... he was mashed.
then the others now had permission to be honest.... = self revelation.
some were isolated-those feelings, others tumbling out of touch with the tree and life
real honesty flooded, real feelings.

The next was asking which one would they like to be.
The ones hugging were popular
the ones in touch with each other each other.
Climbing the tree, helping others into the tree, fantastic sharing.

The process ended with a message that we need to 'own' the facts/reality of what has happened. We cannot change the past just one little bit BUT, we can plan and aim for the future.
A group of people being beautiful together and I have the joy of being there. Me.......................... a human becoming...........................

Do you know how I feel?
This feeling stuff comes out and then, it does not end there, it then moves on to reflection and into:-
which means thought and action.

* = the blob tree, I will fax you a copy if you want but not put it into cyber space
** = means 'beautiful human person'. I will email you a graphic if you want.

thank you for Mike Yaconelli and bless Karla and the whole family.

hug from me too