Sunday, November 16, 2003

Sunday ......... how is yours?
missed the rugby today and went to church. So much kicking that I could have used a one hour tape without them. Why don't they change the rules so the crowd can enjoy some running rugby? That's what the rugby league boys did over 100 years ago when the working class miners etc could not afford the injury time off work and went professional and also created a more spectacular game for the fans who actually pay. I believe in crowd participation but to give the crowd the ball so much with all those messy kicks is 'not ok'
rant over

wish wales had won last week.

Chilling today and catching up with the emails and faxes and posting for the monday mailing.

Got a crisis. My ipod is almost full with 30 gigs.
all my albums from now till Christmas will not fit unless I delete some older stuff. grrrrrr

Little she comes home this afternoon and we go a shop 2morrow. Fly to NYC Friday.

Listening to a mix from 7717 tunes on my mac as I type ..... currently something Bulgarian. Love that nation and love those humans.
" te c pracrasin chovek"
guess what that says?