Saturday, November 15, 2003

I am doing my normal late night thing, sitting in front of the tv with my G4 mactop on my knee. Delighting, as I always will in the freedom that airport/wi-fi brings. No sitting in a darkened room checking my emails and surfing.
As I click da keys a few late nighter email in and I love it love it. Thanx Ali for the comment in the affirmative re Greenbelt and my blog about coming to an end with my vice chairman role. I love it and like you, gb has been a major contributer to my journey of faith and life. I will continue on the board as a trustee/director as long as they need me and I am not in the way of the renewing membership.

I click about 15 blogs most nights. Some humans I know. Others I read because they connect. I find I don't like the ones who don't blog daily. Moby is good as a daily blogger.

Jules/Later is on tv and the bands not to my taste tonight. Glass in hand and a cafe creme cigar. Zig is sleeping on the chair. Joan gone to zzzzz.
Tomorrow will be going for a pub lunch and then Peterborough Cathedral for the ymca national thanksgiving service which marks the end of the world week of prayer. Then a dash back for the rugby league second test match against the world masters. I like this game which keeps the ball on the pitch unlike the other code who , for some reason, keep kicking it into the crowd.

Sunday it is church and young sheila comes home for a day away from tv directing the holiday programme ....... she flys to new york next week for two weeks filming. You will see on tv sometime in the new year. Watch it and boost the ratings.

Travis are ok. Never bought their stuff.
Must give you my spin merchant list. Have got some good stuff recently.
This week was Pavarotti and Aqualung !
Soon I will be doing my fav tracks album of the year. My own compilation like every year. Usually do this mid 25th/NYE. It will be a big task this year and yes, it will include Justin Timberlake.... "I just want to love you baby"

Feelings wise ...... I feel ok. Not too tired. Feeling good about my new work. Not complete ...... certain things trouble me and stretch me like hell ...... of course. I started on a book last week and that is the first time I have done any work on it. Have over 200 games from other books without the new ones. Must put the 'toilet roll swot' in the book as it is a fantastic tool.
I feel good. I feel on a journey. I feel happy. Think that is more than I have during the last ten years.

Mike Yaconelli thanksgiving service in US this Sunday and ours in London the following week. You must feel free to be there. It will be a special Greenbelt occasion.

Must give you my spin.

Long blog ...... you can tell 'later' tv was not too good!