Sunday, November 02, 2003

I have been strangely and deeply touched by the all too early death of Mike Yaconelli and the shock of it.
I took bread at communion for him this morning.
There is a deep well of emotion down inside which must be how a volcano feels. I guess the those tears are for the wondrous community of Greenbelt too because he was so fragile like us. He walked with during those tough years.
The whole service this morning, about the Saints, was all about Yac ......... but I doubt anyone else knew him or have heard of him.

One Bible reading said
"Jesus was greatly disturbed in spirit and deeply moved"

The preacher quoted the Bishop of Capetown who recently said how he remembers his lips being measured, his hair texture being tested and his nose shape examined by the apartheid regime ....... to see if he was acceptable.!
I saw Mike Yaconelli as acceptable to God, like Greenbelt and me, with the flaws and the raw emotion.....................
His greatness and human-full-ness makes this Christian life all the more possible because of this acceptance despite the failure or success. Mike had all the beautiful imperfection and told us about so often in his passionate talks.

Thank you to all who have shared their own sadness with me. It is good to do that together.