Sunday, November 30, 2003

Been shuffling my imac itunes around to form a long list of fav tracks 2003.
I will burn a cd between Christmas and new year. Bought so many this year and confronting me is the job to decide which 12 / 13 tracks are really my lasting ones. Bit difficult because my latest Joseph/Willis/Winehouse/Pavaroti artistes are up there in my soul at the moment.

"I just want to love you baby" must be in there as my mate Justin featured heavily in my life during the ymca Praha festival.

This year I will have no fresh U2 stuff but much more Urban.
I will have to slip in the 'white stripes' which was the only rock album I bought in 2003.

Guess which 'snoop dog' track is in there?

....... and will end with a song title which will be in there and also a truth about you .........

"you are so beautiful"