Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Feel like I have been.............thinking more than doing today.

Have been planning a series of courses I have lined up for the new year.

Trying to decide a digital camera for Christmas
must fit in my pocket on every journey from home-everywhere.
must be snappy like my logitech which is us outside bright light
must have some pixels which logitech forgot
slide dem pix easy into the mac just as easy as the logitech does
Got my eye on a wee Pentax but ...... will it do the tricks?

Tied up one of the best singer-songwriters for a conference I am helping with in February.
Doing the same with some fine in-putters with different skills.
Getting some interesting gig invites in.

Feel I have been busy and the next three days are blocked out with beautiful work.
Can I make the gig of a new band in London town on Wednesday evening?

Looking forward to a 'Level 5' meal out in London on Friday and the Mike Yaconelli memorial get-together on Sunday ....... it is sure to be great but also gut renching.

So making love continues all week

God bless the next few days in London town with the potential real trouble on our hands .... and the safety of all these people about to demonstrate.