Monday, November 10, 2003

The ymca world this week have a world wide call to prayer and emphasis on a special theme.
With the help of a booklet available to thousands of ymca's the leaders are encouraged to consder the issue of HIV/AIDS.

My main man Bono has been upfront about this issue and the crisis in Africa. I will print below a extract from his words to the Christian Music scene in USA who have a major influence on US young people but don't seem to lift their eyes behond their shores ..... Bushlike !
if you are not a ymca human ...... world aids day is on december first and this can be the start of the yearning to care and action...............

“Today – in the next twenty four hours – 5,500 Africans will die of AIDS. Today in childbirth 1,400 African mothers will pass on HIV to their newborns.
If this isn’t an emergency, what is? In the Scriptures we are not advised to love our neighbour, we are commanded. The Church needs to lead the way here, not drag its heels. The government needs guidance. We discuss; we debate; we put our hands in our pockets. We are generous even.
But, I tell you God is not looking for alms; God is looking for action. He is not just looking for our loose change – he’s looking for a tighter contract between us and our neighbour.

I should be preaching to the converted here. There are 2,300 verses of Scripture pertaining to the poor. History will judge us on how we deal with this crisis. God will judge us even harder.”
Bono U2