Wednesday, September 15, 2004

...... 1.50 pence for three bigger than pints-larger hmmm.

That is Czech land ..... and stiull is.

Itis great to have a discussion group here with humans from;
UK ..... that's me - from the world really.

Yes still here in Czech and bobbing into the computer room (pc ..... strange computers)
So it is coffee again and I clicking a bit before doing the sipping.

I have a day of involement today - not leading anything but going to all then workshops - and love the meeting of the humans more than the content - most times.
The other days I am doing funky stuff.

I am aware that I am thinking that
growth and development does not reside in our comfort zones.
The challenge is to lead sessions which stretch in a safe environment and not do things which take people too far too quickly.

I also want to be outside my comfort areas of life ......

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