Saturday, September 11, 2004

....... one of the last things I do before I go to bed at night, when I am at home, is carry a black and white bundle of warm fur to bed in the kitchen.
Zig is his name.
I love him.
He does not give me much affection.
He walks close to my legs and brushes himself against me sometimes.
Never jumps on my knee.
I love him.
He ignores my advances most times.
Then sometimes he jumps at my legs as I pass with a (rugby league) tackle.
I still love him.

I don't love the people I know and spend time with because they respond just like I would like them to.
They have their own way.
I would like much more love shown.
I love it I love it.

But there is enough of you that trickle out some love in verbal and other means - that helps me believe that God has skin on in 2004.

Some of you pour with a large NVC.

I am tired and yet I want to tell you about the special things of the day.
Like meeting someone who does express love and and warmth and communication which is clear.
No brushing against the legs below knee level and keeping distant until felt needs are on view.
I need the balance of humans and thankfully I am in a delightful position to largely get that.
Do you?

I turn the fan on because I am hot through passion or a hot computer!

I will blog again tomorrow as I have kept the day free for catch up;
-preparing for my workshops in the Czech Republic
-catching up burning a great CD or two
-clearing my in box planning for the next two weeks
-packing the big red suitcase with the big knickers and tights and blob trees (if you don't get what I am on about - see 'Games without Frontiers' and other self penned books)
-getting the iPod packed and ready for a good fab conference

The Saints had a tough game against Leeds tonight and lost.
Only just.
A good sign as we enter the play-offs and a good chance to come up as winners at the Big - so big - Grand Final in October.

Must go and knock out some zedz .....................zzzzzzzzzzzz

Thanx for being there ........................ I can feel those finger tips on mine ........ especially when I am feeling the rejection of the big warm furry black and white bundle ..........