Friday, September 03, 2004


Lets face it
I know persons who came off the drugs during Greenbelt as if they were caught up in a greater thing - a week-end of Freedom .....

Lets face it - we can have a great time and drink at the well.
Others are caught up in a community of chemicals.
And friends who are.
Friends can be the largest influence.
I feel we must face it
I must face the harshness of reality.
Then release it - the reality.
sacrifice freedom for security

Freedom is there to be used - I heard it said at Greenbelt.

"We are free to be free" says Nelson Mandela

............. and Bono talked about facing it ......

"Those songs we sang on tour really helped me through the death of my dad.
The problem with grief is bottling it up and that's when it can really floor you.
You have to express it and face it and I was doing that every night."
-- Bono, 2001