Sunday, September 19, 2004

....... my beautiful human mate gets a good mention in the UK Sunday Newspaper 'The Observer" today as I get back to reality.

-- Zoo TV and PopMart -- designed by Willie Williams..... that's the man ....... and they say;-

"On an evolutionary scale, the shows designed by Williams might be said to represent a highly developed form of rock theatre, calling on inspiration and influence from a range of media from fine art to advertising by way of cinema and opera."

...... and another slice here ..... and if you want you can pick up the full article on .......

"Zoo TV started as an indoor arena tour in America and Europe, between February and June 1992. Willie then brought in the set design team of Mark Fisher and Jonathan Park to help him realise the big outdoor version, called Zoo TV Outside Broadcast in North America, which came to Europe as Zooropa, and subsequently went on to Australasia and Japan. The idea that the whole Zoo TV concept could be open to ongoing adjustment was central to its vision, and part of the agility of Zoo TV's concept lies in the production's awareness of itself, and the honed acuity of its dialogue with the audience."

I love all these guys and there is now a build up to a new single in November AND then an album to change my life ......... and yours .......

you are beautiful .........