Sunday, September 26, 2004

.......Poles kiss.....

Poles kiss
Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

..... here are the happy couple ..... Anita and Tomek. I didn't need to ask them to pose for a kiss.
Natural behaviour!
It was a delight to be there and celebrate with them + 100 humans - including Ola (pic to follow) and about ten or so from the UK.

Tomek first came as a volunteer to the ymca where I was living out mission some six/seven years ago. It was him you set me up with which is now defunct. But the email scan spammers will pick this up from here and spam that empty ad for ever - and I AM NOT THERE ANYMORE!!
He then went on to design my original website and he hosts pipwilson dot com. He now has a degree in web design and met Anita over the internet.
I love them dearly .......