Friday, September 24, 2004

....... I always seem to blog the day after ......... now it is Thursday but really gone midnight sooooo ...... it is tomorrow.

I don;t know when you click this way but ....... I hope you catch it fresh, there is nothing as bad as a cold cup of tea or a warm pint of larger.

Have you ever been on the motorway - middle lane - and a big white van overtakes you doing 30 miles an hour .......... faster than you and you are at eighty?
Where do they come from?
How do they go so fast?
How drives it?
Is there more than one?
Is it a wild motorway white van-ghost?

When someone I work with snorts down his nose at me - staring through chemical filled eyes .............. a young life, clearly passing to me his disregard and dismissal of me as a human - I pour out words to strive to understand.
So late night - I ponder;
looking at my own feelings
-what feelings are they?
-why am I feeling like this?
-so what, what are the options?

I have to write. Have done so for years. I can go back thirty years to notes that express my feelings. Churning them feelings and turning them into proactive energy.

I poured all this kind of stuff into my first book;
"Feeling Gutted"
(note; my book editor did not know of the words 'feeling gutted' so the book ended up as;
"Gutter Feelings")
It is long out of print - I must top it up with an additional twenty years sometime!

This young life will get the utmost value and respect.
I will look beyond the behaviour to the person weeping from the inside out.
It is the only way.

love .............


loved ....