Wednesday, September 15, 2004

.............. one of the good things about a 12 -13 - 14 hour journey is listening to music on my iPod ........ I listened to three two hour programmes and managed a litttle talk with humans.

1 dj fitz from 1xtra - a fab gospel/music/hiphop show
2 gilles me man peterson - seems like a friend because I have listened to hiom for yonks
3 zane lowe = and elctric guitar man mainly - the rock kind of stuff on R1 mon to thurs and I like his style and some of his music

Lots of things on my mind soul head ....... one thing to click about was - I did the opening session for the conference of multi national ymca people - 120 and many who had travelled longer than me - even.
It was a move around - game - activity -buzz talk and kick off session which may seem to be thrown together.
The truth is - I spent a lot of time getting the flow as best poss - for the tired and difficult with english people. To be non-threatening.
To have fun
to stretch
to be becoming

think it was good and a few have said that but
lots think I don't need encouragement coz I am the man with the mike and the jokes and games.
I think it went well - the feel I good about it .........

we are kicking.