Monday, September 13, 2004

..... I have clicked about my away time this week ...... six days in Litomysl a small town about two hours outside of Prague. I have been there before and met some mst wonderful bhps.
I remember 'the tee shirt' gang - I called them. They were runners for the conference I was at. A gang of beautiful young adults and we connected fab lastic full ....... two of them ended up on my late show/rolling show team for the festival we did in 40 degrees Prague last summer.

There is a YMCA conference centre there - right in the town centre in a castle - wow. I hope it is a castle with wi-fi so I can keep clickin at ya.

I feel bad when I don't trickle out a blog everyday. It is for you and for me. There is now so many clicking my site (as well as you) - I feel a responsibility and try to be honest and true about all things turning me on/off/round/up/down/high/low/sick/sad shake it all about.

Reminds me of a funeral I went to of the man who wrote the song 'hokey kokey'.
They had difficulty getting him in the coffin.
Every time they put his left leg in .........