Sunday, September 05, 2004

........ and next week I am in the Czech Republic for six days.
Sometime in the coming few days I will need to find time to prep an opening session for all the conference, a workshop how to use wild and deep and funny and spiritual and 'zip open the soul' exercises and games.
Also two others sessions - a bit like 'the Road Less Travelled' Courses I run.

Week-end after I am in Poland.
Week-end after I am in Paris
week-end after a wedding
week-end after the Rugby League Grand Final
week-end after a Level five group - 24 years old we are.
week-end after manchester to see GB Rugby League thrash the Ozziz
week-end after Cotswolds for a Greenbelt Board/Trustees/bhps
week-end after a Dunford Training course and National Service
week-end after the Jill Scott Concert in Brixton - beautifully human
week-end after the final of the RL (of course) Tri-Nations
week-end after I am free to do a Training Course for you or others.

the glory of God is a human fully alive