Sunday, September 26, 2004

.......... my blob friend and artiste special who has been the blob drawer over the years ....... has creatively probed the lyrics of the new U2 single VERTIGO ........ he sees it like this:-

" Some thoughts on the new2 single 'Vertigo:
Imagine walking into a nightclub with a TV screen displaying images of the war in Iraq and a girl dancing on a platform nearby. Perhaps the song was 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.
Bono sings 'It's everything I wish I didn't know ' and points out that each aspect would affect one's feelings, which is why a nightclub uses them and why he responds.

In the first and second verse an acknowledgement of self awareness is made: 'I wish I didn't know' and 'At least they know'

The last part of the song is reflective upon his own dilemma. Bono has the whole world at his feet: women, world leaders and the music industry. His temptation is to dive into it all and lose his way through life. Just as Jesus was tempted by the devil at the start of his minstry, so each famous Christian is confronted with the world of desire.

Desire depends on feelings, and when they dominate our lives we lose it all, we come crashing to the ground - Vertigo!

True love is true worship is true humility before our Maker, not assuming the dizzy heights of stardom and it's ups and downs.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new album. I've drawn a Blob Vertigo, will send it soon!

Love + Hope + Faith = Life ................."

You can see the lyrics of the song if you scroll through my blogs below.